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Episode 132: A CLASH OF KINGS, SANSA IV: “Smoke on the Water”

October 26, 2020
Hello and welcome back to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week!
In this episode, everything is on fire and all Sansa wants is someone trustworthy to talk to, but instead she has Dontos, Sandor, and Cersei. Oh, and in case all that wasn’t enough, she just got her first period.
This week, we: 

- Watch with Sansa as the smoke rises from Stannis burning the kingswood and Tyrion burning the suburbs of King's Landing

- See how Sansa is responding as a disappointed romantic to Dontos and his promises of salvation

- Get deep into Sandor Clegane's relationship to Sansa as the dark mirror to Sansa's disappointed romanticism.

- Empathize with Sansa as she menstruates for the first time and what that means for her as she's hauled in front of Cersei

- Explore Tyrion's pre-battle planning and praise Tyrion for his tactics even as Sansa remains our POV for the coming battle and has a unique POV on things to come

Next week: We're up in the Frostfangs with Jon, Qhorin & co as they strive forward to discover what the wildlings are up to, only to find out that the eagle has landed. And we'll be joined by Stefan Sasse of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour as special guest for this episode!


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