Not A Podcast ASOIAF Re-Read Podcast

Episode 150: A CLASH OF KINGS, BRAN VII: “Tree of Life” ft. ManuclearBomb!

April 19, 2021
Hello and welcome back to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week!
In this episode, Bran leaves his home, his childhood, and the book behind as we reach the end of A Clash of Kings. And we were joined by Manu AKA ManuclearBomb as a special guest!
This week, we: 

- Talk about the future of the NotACast pod-cast in which Jeff will be taking a few months hiatus for work

- Emote through this chapter

- Journey with Summer through the destruction of Winterfell

- See the darkness as a means of Bran advancing in his powers

- Tour a broken Winterfell with Bran, Rickon, Hodor, Osha, Meera and Jojen

- Mourn Maester Luwin

- Discuss how Bran gets back to Winterfell

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