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Episode 6: A GAME OF THRONES, JON I: “Jon Gets Well and Truly Drunk”

February 26, 2018

Welcome back to the Not A Cast ... podcast. Today, PoorQuentyn and BryndenBFish discuss our first POV chapter from everyone's favorite bastard (unless you're a psychopath), Jon Snow! Lots to discuss and unpack here. We talk about:

  • How Jon and Sansa share a naivete about the world that they lose throughout AGOT
  • How GRRM structures this chapter against the uses of the word "bastard."
  • The plethora of Obi-Wan Kenobi figures in Jon's life and how these mentor figures work to "kill the boy"
  • Our likes/dislikes
  • We address the question of whether Benjen was in on R+L=J
  • We talk MORE abandoned foreshadowing
  • And PoorQuentyn and BryndenBFish have their first true disagreement as they discuss the Tyrion Targaryen theory

This is a hell of an episode.

Finally, the boys reveal their patreon campaign, tiers and rewards. Check it out: 

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See you all next week for AGOT, Catelyn II!

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