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Episode 68: A GAME OF THRONES, DAENERYS IX: “The Meaning of Life”

June 24, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week!

In this episode, Eliana from Girls Gone Canon joins us to talk about how Daenerys wakes up from nightmares of fire and blood and death to...a reality full of fire and blood and death. Cheerful stuff, George.

This week, we:

- Discuss what it means to come back from the dead

- Analyze Dany's nightmare in terms of her endgame in the show and (probably) the books

- Step aside for Mirri Maz Duur's moment in the spotlight

- Say farewell to Khal Drogo and the dreams of happiness and home which Dany invested in him

- Frame Dany's arc as Shakespearean tragedy

Next week: AGOT, Tyrion IX!

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