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Episode 7: A GAME OF THRONES, CATELYN II: “The Cup Has Passed”

March 5, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Not A Cast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week!


Welcome to our seventh episode of the Not A Cast entitled: “The Cup Has Passed: An Analysis of A Game of Thrones, Catelyn II,” our second POV chapter from the character who has done nothing wrong ever.


This week, we talk:


- Our special patreon episode that'll be released to the general public before our patreon goes live: Hint, it's about A DANCE WITH DRAGONS

- The sense of history flowing through Catelyn's second chapter

- The importance of who POV is and how GRRM preserves his mysteries

- A Maester Luwin love fest

- So. Much. R+L=J.

- All about Ned Stark and Ashara Dayne and why Ned makes the most sense of the Stark Ashara loved.


This is a an episode you won't want to miss!


Check out @liesandarbor's excellent twitter feed which has all sorts of R+L=J evidence: 


Next week: AGOT, Arya I!


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