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Guest Episode: “Shadow on a Wall” with Clint from Learned Hands

April 26, 2021
Hello and welcome back to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week!
Jeff is away for a couple months due to work; while he's gone, Emmett will be joined by a rotating series of guest hosts on a variety of topics. This week, we have on Clint from Learned Hands on to talk all about our favorite topic in A Clash of Kings: Varys' riddle about power as a shadow on a wall. 
In this episode, we talk about: 

- Tyrion's rise in Clash contrasted with his fall in A Storm of Swords

- Sansa navigating performances of power, from Cersei to the Tyrells to Littlefinger

- Catelyn's faith in the system fraying with each step of her journey

- Theon realizing that no one buys his act before Ramsay reshapes his identity

- Bran's journey into, away from, and back to Plato's Cave

Next week: Luke from the People's History of the Old Republic podcast joins us to discuss the most Star Wars-y (and metal) character in ASOIAF: Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers!

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