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Patreon Sample! “The Second Coming, Part 1″ of our Full Analysis of TWOW, The Forsaken!

August 24, 2020

Hi folks!

On most normal Mondays, we'd be releasing the our next chapter by chapter analysis, but the week we'd normally record our next analysis (ACOK, Arya IX) was a week we took off.

Not to fear though! We are releasing a patreon sample episode that you would normally get at the $5/above level over at our patreon at!

And we're delighted to give the general public the first of our five part series on TWOW, The Forsaken!

So, if you like what you hear on our regular NotACast pod-cast and are interested in two monthly bonus episodes, show notes, Q&A, shout-outs and access to the NotASlack at our two highest tiers, consider becoming a patron!

In this episode, we kick off our analysis of TWOW, The Forsaken by examining the published Ironborn story: what happens in the first five published novels before we launch into our take on The Forsaken in the ensuing parts of our series.

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